Other Flock Ministries

Min. Ken Stuczynski / 716-868-1329 / ken@otherflock.org


One of my favorite ministries is weddings.

After meeting with a couple a few times, we custom-tailor a ceremony and rituals that reflect the couple’s life journey and their sometimes diverse faith traditions, even taking into consideration those of the family and guests.   Ideally, each person in attendance feels the ceremony reflected their own tradition in some way, and my interfaith knowledge helps me do just that.

I am not a wedding planner, but have helped many couples list and work out countless details of their special day. And if you need a photographer, I recommend Bob and Susan Hubbard, not just a husband-and-wife team I’ve worked with before, but the first couple I married.

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Thank you again for everything.. the ceremony was perfect and exactly what we had hoped for 🙂