Other Flock Ministries

Min. Ken Stuczynski / 716-868-1329 / ken@otherflock.org

We must decide what is important to us and out children.

We have to decide what world of belief we live in — the belief we are animals, biological machines, and that everything is about physical survival, or that we are PEOPLE, with emotional, psycholigcal, and social needs.

And if we are PEOPLE, we must decide if we have meaning and purpose. The belief that the emotional, psychological, and social realms are dictated by biochemical and Darwinistic processes is a legitimate viewpoint. I not only respect it, but cannot deny that neuroscience is giving us more and more concrete understanding of consciousness itself. The real question is if consciousness if an illusion of neurons or if neurons are the tools by which consciousness can manifest from without. That is another topic for another time.

But if you choose to have meaning and purpose — that there is a will behind your mechanations of being, then feeling, community, and the workings of the mind are the nature and result of what we call the Spiritual. And if we believe by extention that perhaps there is a will — a purpose, a meaning — behind the discoverable, empirical universe, then we call this Theism.