Other Flock Ministries

Min. Ken Stuczynski / 716-868-1329 / ken@otherflock.org

{Here are some personal prayers I wrote:}

Lord of the Harvest, who gives to each of us as we have sown, bring my labors to fruition. Compel by your hand those things which I cannot, to assist me in all my efforts, which I offer back to you as a testament to your glory.

{10 Feb.1998}



come with me to my workplace and lead me to a just profession, stay with me and guide me to just action, and be with me and calm me to rest in your presence when I am finished.

{11 Feb.1998 – I had this one taped to my monitor at JAM Plastics}


Lord, aline my heart with the symbols I see and use for your power, glory, and Love.

{no date – sounds a bit pagan … not sure what I was getting at}