Other Flock Ministries

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{Given by me at McKinley's Banquet Facility for my BNI group members and their spouses. My nickname in the group is “Rev” for reverend, although I don't care for the title. :rolleyes: }

Moment of Silence

We all stand upon the shoulders of the previous generation –
Our parents and family, teachers and mentors.

Let us now have a moment of silence for those who have gone before us, and also for those who for any reason could not be with us tonight.


Lord, you have blessed each and every one of us with talents,
So that through our businesses there is yet another way we can grow to Love one another,
And sharing in Your Love, Bless our work, and all our endeavors,
To benefit all your children in humble service with honesty and fairness.

Bring Your Love as a blessing upon us tonight,
And upon the food (and drink) that we are about to gratefully receive and share.

And so we begin and end in all things with You. Amen.