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{in response to the question, posted on my gang board on www.Hobowars.com}

I am not my religion. Religion is something I choose to practice. It doesn’t even have to be something to believe or not believe in … let other people argue over that stuff and be all smug about being right when everyone else is wrong.

Also, theism and atheism are not religions. They are viewpoints around which some people build religion. And because they are viewpoints, they are not exclusive of each other. I have a personal relationship with a divine other whom I anthropomorphize, so that means I’m a theist, and yet I can understand the universe without it, so I’m also an atheist? Whatever …

What is real — REALLY REAL — cannot be expressed in words or conceptualizations or all the grandiose philosophies of mankind. But in a way they do: they all point to the truth, but are (by most) mistaken for the truth.

But to answer the original question, I practice Roman Catholicism, though I used to call myself a Christian Taoist. In the end, I am just me.

To each man, their own religion. Let’s share and enjoy such things as if we were trading recipes or swapping stories. It’s all good.