A Psalm, by Ken

Praise you Lord, for in the midst of woe you have not forgotten me.

To each you give a burden they can carry, and share the yolk invisibly next to us.

Of broken heart, I see the sky is blue, the breeze gentle.

Anguished and pensive, you find work for my hands and thoughts.

A great injustice against me may not be the outcome, yet fear of it eats at my soul.

You have provided a helpmate for just such a time.

I know I am only your instrument of your will, nothing more, powerless without you.

Feeling your quiet breath upon me, I trust in you to touch and change hearts that I cannot.

I ask the cup to pass before me, but know if I must drink, it will not be without reward.

Not my will be done, but yours.

Ken posted at 2005-10-1 Category: Prayers & Pulpit