Other Flock Ministries

Min. Ken Stuczynski / 716-868-1329 / ken@otherflock.org

Today we live in a small world, where people of different faith traditions and beliefs cannot help but come together in marriage and family and in the workplace. My calling as a non-professional interfaith minister is to help people make the best of it. Moving past mere tolerance to appreciation, we can heal past differences, create meaningful dialogue between cultures and ideologies, and live full lives where our diversity makes us grow strong together.

Zero Intolerance Initiative

For years, I have promoted my Zero Intolerance Initiative (“Zii”, rhymes with Wii). Currently a Facebook Group, it is meant as encouragement to identify and deal with prejudice in all its forms, especially religious interfaith intolerance and even bigotry between theists and atheists.

Earth 2 Mouth Program

The Earth 2 Mouth program is a community service opportunity that connects local food producers and soup kitchens in an end-to-end volunteer experience.

This model can be applied in any community where there are farms and people in need.

Weddings & Other Special Moments

I have performed over 50 weddings over the past 15 years, as well as numerous memorials and other occasions. If you have a need for someone to officiate a special moment, be it a wedding or passing or blessing, I will personalize a service to honor the traditions of all those present.