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Theism and the Decision to Live as People (2012-8-19)

We must decide what is important to us and out children. We have to decide what world of belief we live in — the belief we are animals, biological machines, and that everything is about physical survival, or that we are PEOPLE, with emotional, psycholigcal, and social needs. And if we are PEOPLE, we must […]

Sign, Signs, Everywhere Signs (2011-9-6)

I’m glad I live in Western New York.  We live in a community where very few people go our of their way to not get along, and generally do not make crazy proclamations worthy of national attention and disdain.  We are dominantly Christian, yet not dominantly intolerant.  I offer you a couple church signs to illustrate […]

Heritage, Not Hate (2007-10-18)

{This was written for a newsletter of the local Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter, in part over concern for potential prejudices within such an organization.} One of the main purposes of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is to preserve and educate people about the heritage of our ancestors. We can wave the Battle Flag or the Bonnie […]

Aim Before You Shoot (2007-8-31)

{“The Chaplain’s Corner”, in the newsletter for the local Sons of Confederate Veterans.} We live in a time of televised war and constant bombardment of media reports of conflict in Iran, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Like a soldier in the field, the citizen may try to set their mental sights on who are the good guys […]

What Religion Am I? (2007-8-6)

{in response to the question, posted on my gang board on} I am not my religion. Religion is something I choose to practice. It doesn’t even have to be something to believe or not believe in … let other people argue over that stuff and be all smug about being right when everyone else […]

Chaplains and Soldiers (2007-7-25)

{This was the first column I wrote for the newsletter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans “Buffalo Guard” Chapter 1975.  Not my best writing, but not too bad for off the cuff …} A military Chaplain could be compared to a parent. They pray with you, encourage you, equip your soul with any good thing […]

Lessons From An Elmira Cemetery (2004-8-29)

{As Chaplain of the Sons of Confederate Veterans Buffalo Guards Camp (#1975), I helped officiate the grave memorial ceremony held in the Woodlawn National Cemetery in Elmyra, NY, where nearly 3000 Confederates were buried from the nearby prisoner of war camp during the Civil War. Due to unimaginable overcowding and resulting health issues, as many […]

Chaplain’s Corner, Summer 2004 (2004-8-25)

{originally to be published in the Buffalo Guards Newsletter, September 2004} In a time when fellow countrymen fought each other on American soil over irreconcilable issues, it was seldom the place of a Chaplain to preach the war, either on the side of South or North, Federal or States’ rights, slavery or abolition. But the […]